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Silenthillfanfic.com? (Crossposted) 
10:44am 25/04/2007
  I've a question/request...
Would anyone be interested in making a Silent Hill exclusive fic archive like Fanfiction.net?
I have a design in mind, but I am far cry from a programmer. Would anyone be interested in working on the backend? Would anyone be interested in reading submissions for quality?

Yes, I know about Efiction's free code, but it just didn't stick with me.

I posted a poll in my LJ for more information, just trying to gather up who's interested and what my options are.

Feel free to link to the poll in your LJ's and things if you're really gung-ho about this idea.
Silent Hill: Making suicide fluffy since James and Mary. 
01:09pm 12/02/2006
mood: accomplished
Title: Happy Birthday to You
Author: Niena
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Heather, Stanley, Alessa
Warnings: Violence, suicide, fluff, obsession, Alessa/Stanley, posession, language, AU, slight OOC
Summary: Heather walks down to the basement of Brookhaven, where she meets someone who wants to give her a present, even though its not her birthday.
Other Information: Kind of a weird story, because I based it off of a dream I had. If anyone needs me to explain some things in this, I'd be happy to help. I also do not own anything Silent Hill, Konami does.

Stop! Fanfic time!Collapse )
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Icon business 
05:15pm 06/02/2006
mood: hopeful
As you may already know, this community has no icon. It also has no layout, but the most important fact is the lack of icon. We need an icon to, well, get onto the Love is as Good as Soma fanlisting, heh heh. So I offer this challenge to the members of this community: make a community icon. Any efforts to do so would really help, and you would have my eternal gratitude if that means anything. I'll try and make a pretty 'Yay! You made an icon for sacredlovers!' banner.

General rules are of course, nothing offensive or pornographic. No using other people's art without permission. Finally, be sure to include Heather and Stanley in the icon, or at least some element of the two of them. Happy icon making! :)
08:11am 22/01/2006
mood: contemplative
Hello, people who have joined. It's a pleasure to meet you. As a thank you for joining, I've decided to post my first theory about Heather and Stanley. Enjoy ^^

Stanley Coleman is the incarnation of 'The man who held up the serpent'Collapse )

Comment any thoughts, or complaints you have with my theory.
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